Perfect Companion

Compact odor reduction system

Perfect Companion in Thailand chose the Aerox-Injector for its compactness and effective odor reduction

Perfect Companion produces dry animal feed. The feed is produced by using multiple extruder lines. The company wanted to reduce its odor emissions very much. However, they found that scrubbers were not effective enough, so they looked for alternatives.

Compact odor reduction system

The Thai company ordered an Aerox injector in 2011. The choice had been made to place the machine on one of the extruder lines to combat odor. An important element was that the plant had to be compact and efficient because the plant had limited space. The air streams it had to handle came from the dryer and the cooler. The air was first cleaned by a cyclone and then pooled in a central pipe. This allowed one Aerox injector to handle the entire airflow.

Multiple extruder lines

After a thorough validation process through which we showed the effect of the Aerox-Injector and cold plasma technology, Perfect Companion decided to install more Aerox-Injectors. A total of three Aerox injectors are now in the Perfect Companion factory.

About the client

Perfect Companion Group is committed to improving the quality of life for both humans and animals.


De Aerox-Injector is een innovatief geurbestrijdingssysteem gebaseerd op injectietechnologie dat aan het uiteinde van een productieproces of in de schoorsteen wordt geïnstalleerd. Al meer dan 250 fabrieken over de hele wereld profiteren van onze bewezen effectieve technologie.

Aerox RCO

De Aerox-RCO is een innovatief emissiecontrolesysteem gebaseerd op katalytische technologie dat aan het einde van een productieproces of in de schoorsteen wordt geïnstalleerd. De Aerox-RCO (Regeneratieve Katalytische Oxidizer) vernietigt de emissies.

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