Pet food

The production of dry and “wet” pet food releases many strong odors. This is annoying to those around the plant and damages the corporate image.

Smells of pet food

In dry feed production, many unpleasant odors are created during extrusion and drying, which inevitably find their way through the chimney. Sometimes the grinding machines also create odors.

The Aerox-Injector can neutralize the smell of pet food for > 80%

Air flows up to 90,000 m3/h

Aerox has years of experience in odor control in various industries. Our compact Aerox injector can handle combined exhaust gases up to 90,000 m3/h from the extruder, dryer and cooler, for example. In many cases, we can achieve up to 95% odor reduction.

'Green' odor reduction

By implementing Aerox technology, factories around the world have already opted for a “green” solution. Our sustainable installation is good for the environment as well as our relationship with our neighbors.

Industries we serve

Animal Feed
Fish food
Pet food
Renewable ingredients
Other Industries
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The Aerox-Injector is an innovative odor control system based on injection technology that is installed at the end of a production process or in the chimney. Already more than 250 plants around the world benefit from our proven effective technology.