Aerox collaborates on VDI guidelines for odor reduction


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Pieter Leenders of Aerox contributed to the VDI guidelines for odor reduction with cold plasma: the principle on which the Aerox®-Injector is also based. In Germany and many other European countries, the VDI guidelines are considered the standards to which suppliers of technical processes and installations can relate.

In spring 2016, the new VDI guidelines (VDI-2441) were officially released. Four years ago, Aerox was already invited to sit on the working group that put together the new guidelines. As a manufacturer of plants in odor reduction, it is not obligatory to meet the requirements of the directives. However, many major clients do make it a condition in the quotation process. This assures them of the highest quality.

VDI bible for techies

“It is a huge honor for Aerox to be invited to this,” says Pieter Leenders. “For many technicians, the VDI guidelines count as the bible. It means that Aerox is a leading global supplier of Non Thermal Plasma injection technology. And of course, our product meets the guidelines that we ourselves helped to establish.”

Ook ontdekken hoe wij wereldwijd geuroverlast oplossen met een duurzaam en betrouwbaar product?


De Aerox-Injector is een innovatief geurbestrijdingssysteem gebaseerd op injectietechnologie dat aan het uiteinde van een productieproces of in de schoorsteen wordt geïnstalleerd. Al meer dan 250 fabrieken over de hele wereld profiteren van onze bewezen effectieve technologie.

Aerox RCO

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