British American Tobacco

Excellent odor reduction in tobacco

British American Tobacco is very pleased with the Aerox-Injector; they install one in every place where it is needed.

Tobacco causes a very strong smell, in many cases causing complaints. British American Tobacco (BAT) conducted tests at its plant in Serbia to determine how much odor the Aerox injector reduces. The results showed a very high amount of odor reduction which caused BAT to place their first order.

Two more Aerox injectors

After the successful installation in Serbia in 2006, Aerox was asked to conduct tests at the plant in Hungary as well. Cold plasma technology again showed excellent results in reducing tobacco odors. Because of the good cooperation, Aerox was also invited to look at odor reduction at the plant in Holland. This factory produces rolling tobacco. Although not quite the same product, the Aerox-Injector again proved a high amount of odor reduction. BAT now has Aerox injectors in three of their plants.

About the client

British American Tobacco plc is a British multinational company that manufactures and sells cigarettes, tobacco and other nicotine products.


De Aerox-Injector is een innovatief geurbestrijdingssysteem gebaseerd op injectietechnologie dat aan het uiteinde van een productieproces of in de schoorsteen wordt geïnstalleerd. Al meer dan 250 fabrieken over de hele wereld profiteren van onze bewezen effectieve technologie.

Aerox RCO

De Aerox-RCO is een innovatief emissiecontrolesysteem gebaseerd op katalytische technologie dat aan het einde van een productieproces of in de schoorsteen wordt geïnstalleerd. De Aerox-RCO (Regeneratieve Katalytische Oxidizer) vernietigt de emissies.

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