Approved by local residents, local and environmental authority

Growth of the city caused odor complaints.

Mitas, a rubber tire manufacturer in Prague, suffered from inspection complaints for many years. The factory had been built in the 1930s by Michelin and originally stood outside the city. Over the years, the factory and the city of Prague grew. Tall flats were built near the factory because the city was growing and the new residents complained about the smell coming from the factory.

Mitas tested several odor reduction technologies over five years and chose the Aerox-Injector.

In search of an odor problem solution, Mitas tested several different technologies. None of the techniques they had tested gave them the confidence to implement in their production process. But in 2005, Aerox conducted a pilot test with promising results. Two compact Aerox® injectors could handle the air flows from the two mixer lines and remove almost all rubber odor.

Proven effectiveness

After doing the pilot test, Mitas organized a meeting with local residents, the environmental authority and the mayor to present our sustainable solution. The contract was signed a week later. After installation, an independent measuring agency tested the Aerox injectors and once again proved their effectiveness and efficiency. The machines have been working without problem since 2006 and Mitas is very satisfied with the odor reduction achieved.

About the client

Mitas is part of the Trelleborg Group, one of Europe’s leading tire brands for agricultural machinery and construction and material handling vehicles.


De Aerox-Injector is een innovatief geurbestrijdingssysteem gebaseerd op injectietechnologie dat aan het uiteinde van een productieproces of in de schoorsteen wordt geïnstalleerd. Al meer dan 250 fabrieken over de hele wereld profiteren van onze bewezen effectieve technologie.

Aerox RCO

De Aerox-RCO is een innovatief emissiecontrolesysteem gebaseerd op katalytische technologie dat aan het einde van een productieproces of in de schoorsteen wordt geïnstalleerd. De Aerox-RCO (Regeneratieve Katalytische Oxidizer) vernietigt de emissies.

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