Stagiair Chemical Engineering- – Applied physics – Chemist

The department of R&D at AEROX innovates in the field of air purification technology, including cold plasma reactors and fix bed catalytic oxidizers. For specific applications we take advantage of the fact that air-born pollutants can be efficiently transferred to water, and we use plasma activated water to more controllably oxidize the pollutants in the liquid phase. This is an innovation in the field of water scrubber technology, where cold plasma oxidizing species replace common more expensive chemicals (e.g., sulfuric acid), resulting in less water consumption and less chemicals needed.

What are you going to do;

This internship vacancy is for an enthusiastic student of chemical engineering, applied physics, chemistry (or similar). During the internship the student will design and perform experiments with our plasma activated scrubber prototype. Key performance indicators of the plasma activated scrubber will be determined and tested in the lab by the student, targeting the performance needed for a specific industrial application. Once the desired performance is achieved in the lab, the student, together with other members of the R&D team, will validate the technology in the field (industrial site). The goal of the internship is to bring our plasma activated scrubber to a technology readiness level (TRL) 6.

As intern you will be part of a multidisciplinary R&D team, and will work in close collaboration with Dr. Marco Valenti.

Who are you;

A motivated BSc or MSc chemical engineer, applied physics or chemistry student

You will be responsible for:

* Design of experiments
* Data analysis and modeling
* Carry out flow, humidity, temperature, and chemical measurements
* Testing at Aerox (Vleuten) and at an industrial site (Germany)

Who are we;

We at Aerox want to create a better quality of life for communities around the world with a sustainable and effective solution to industrial odour problems. A world where everyone can enjoy clean air. The last few years have been going fast; we have grown into a major player in the odour reduction market in a short time and we are therefore looking for hard-working students who are motivated to really make a difference. Ambitious students who want to work for the world of tomorrow.

Interested in applying?

Apply via the application button and send your CV and motivation. For more information about the vacancy, please contact Aerox at or visit the website Also check out our website

Aerox b.v.
Utrechtseweg 4a
3451 GG Vleuten

Tel: 030 677 91 80

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