Odor control with two Aerox injectors

Aerox provided Grobest’s fish feed plant in China with a flexible and sustainable odor control solution.

Grobest Shunde is a fish feed factory in China that produces fish feed on two extruder lines as well as shrimp feed on three pellet lines. In 2011, the Grobest group requested us to perform on-site testing for their plant in China

Odor control with two machines

The Grobest Group wanted proof that the Aerox injector could reduce odor on its five production lines without a lot of machinery. Together with Grobest Shunde, we came up with a solution to combine all the process air into a closed plenum. By installing a frequency-controlled fan that extracts air from the plenum, the plant only needed to install two Aerox injectors to treat all the process air. Since Grobest was satisfied with our technology, they decided to install another Aerox injector at their plant in India.

Flexible odor control

These Aerox injectors, and the fan, can operate at multiple capacities. Grobest can therefore set the machine to a lower setting when fewer production lines are in use. As a result, energy consumption is lower and there is no backflow to lines not in use. In the end, Grobest needed less machinery than they thought and have a flexible and sustainable odor control solution.

About the client

Founded and 1974, Grobest has since grown to over 3,500 employees, with operations throughout China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


De Aerox-Injector is een innovatief geurbestrijdingssysteem gebaseerd op injectietechnologie dat aan het uiteinde van een productieproces of in de schoorsteen wordt geïnstalleerd. Al meer dan 250 fabrieken over de hele wereld profiteren van onze bewezen effectieve technologie.

Aerox RCO

De Aerox-RCO is een innovatief emissiecontrolesysteem gebaseerd op katalytische technologie dat aan het einde van een productieproces of in de schoorsteen wordt geïnstalleerd. De Aerox-RCO (Regeneratieve Katalytische Oxidizer) vernietigt de emissies.

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